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by Milko Georgiev

Sports Conditioning

The training model shown below is first used by the legendary runner Emil Zátopek.

Training - Competition chart

Analyze the set scheme and fatigue curve of your competition/goal and design a shorter and more intensive training scheme.

Beginner or Deconditioned

Weeks 1-3: Half Standard stamina
Your goal is to reach volume of 5 continuous sets. Starting, if needed, from volume of 2 or 3 sets.

Weeks 4-6: Standard stamina
Your goal is to adapt to volume of 10 sets.

Athletic cycle

Weeks 1-3: Standard stamina
Weeks 4-6: Triples stamina
Weeks 7-9: Constant stamina

Weeks 1-3: Standard stamina
Weeks 4-6: Quadruples stamina
Weeks 7-9: Triples stamina
Weeks 10-12: Doubles stamina
Weeks 13-15: Singles stamina

Milko's Energy Preload

500 kcal = 50 g Butter + 50 g Honey

Take the mixture twenty minutes before the event.

555 for Beginner or Deconditioned

Rest: 75-90 sec

  1. Pull-up
  2. Side Press
  3. Squat
  4. Renegade Row
  5. Lunge

If the weight is just right, then the intensity is 80% 1RM.

After 555 can use Half Standard Stamina

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