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Milko Georgiev personal trainer and conditional coach My name is Milko "The Spider" Georgiev. I have been involved in functional strength training and low-carb high-fat dieting since 2002, when I was just a computer geek. After my sporty teenage years I became a master of computer technology and a computer professional. Back to sports, now I'm a personal trainer and a conditioning coach with my own personal fitness studios. My body and life have changed for good!

Contact: Milko Georgiev, Sofia, Bulgaria, milko@spidersport.com

Mikhail Georgiev head coach of Academic ice hockey team Sport is in my veins. I grew up in a sports involved family. My father Mikhail Georgiev and his brother Ivan were Bulgarian national ice hockey players for 20 years. My mother Snejana was a basketball player and her brother Georgi was a Bulgarian national rugby player. My father was a hockey head coach and my uncle Ivan was the founder and a head coach of Bulgarian national bobsleigh team and federation.

Milko Georgiev national competition prize I was a young child when I began to exercise actively. I was involved in weight lifting, volleyball, hockey, running, cycling, soccer. I was a nationally ranked Tae Kwon Do competitor. I have over 15 years’ experience in group and personalized training. In the last five years I have systematized and enriched my knowledge into an effective method for personal training. Milko Georgiev national competition I offer accurate and efficient programs for developing strength, speed, power, endurance, mass growth, muscle definition, tone, flexibility. I have excellent knowledge in the sphere of dieting, while my own body fat percentage never exceeds 5%. I'm interested in the factors that influence health and longevity.

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