: Athletic Calculator

by Milko Georgiev

Optimal Weight

In 2004 I examined several formulas by Johns, Robinson, Molero, Jumen, Raymundo, Flores and others. They all failed to give adequate results and then I started collecting athlete's data and after 10 years of experience I created my own formula.

This calculator gives the optimal lean body mass for a complete athlete.

Athlete's data

Sex Height cm Wrist cm

Wrist circumference field improves accuracy.

Muscularity Index

This index shows the level of physique development of an athlete. Higher functional hypertrophy and lower body fat gives higher index of muscularity.

Athlete's data

Biceps circumference relaxed cm and flexed cm

Natural Male Maximum Lean Body Mass

This formula by Casey Butt shows the maximum muscular development without use of anabolic steroids.

Athlete's data

Enter height and wrist data in Optimal Weight section, set sex to male.

Ankle cm Body fat %

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